The Poppy Lou Classic Compact shoulder bag

Sales price $ 125.00
Price / kg:

This compact baby bag is an unobtrusive, lightweight accessory that gives the illusion of being smaller than it actually is.

With three internal pockets plus wallet and phone compartments all neatly placed inside its curved canvas shape, it packs a whole lot into a little space and features convenience of two-way zips for more versatile access.

Height: 48cm
Depth: 49cm
Width: 44cm
Weight 700grams

Features :

•    Leather trimming

•    Extendable handles
•    Heavy duty canvas
•    Heavy duty zips
•    Hidden internal pocket for valuables
•    3 internal pockets
•    2 way external zip

Also known as:
•    UK  - Change bag  
•    USA  - Diaper bag
•    Australia - Nappy bag or baby bag



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