Little Piggy Backpack

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If it’s girls backpack for school that you need, this is simply perfect. School life for the children of today can be quite challenging and tough with too many books to carry. School backpacks can help add fun and ease to their school activities with this sturdy and spacious bag for them to store and carry a lot of their school stuff while looking hip and cool. Whether be it as a kid’s library bag or a simple book bag it will surely do the job. It is handcrafted with care for durability and style. Its heavy duty canvas material allows kids to stuff a lot of their things without worry and moms to easily hand wash the material with care to keep it looking neat. Not only is it great for kid’s busy school life but also as an outdoor travel bag as well. Kids could carry their stuff, be on the go and ready for any outdoor activity. Let your kid’s happy, playful and trendy side shine with this fashionable bag. Toddler backpacks don’t have to be dull. Instead, they can look trendy, well-designed and be functional at the same time. This is what this pretty bag has to offer.


Height: 38cm
Width: 37cm
Weight: 400grams

Poppy Lou Washing Instructions:

Gentle hand wash only
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not tumble dry
Please treat all your Poppy Lou products with tender love and care

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