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The Slouch shoulder bag

Sales price $ 100.00
Price / kg:

This hardy canvas bag may start out life as a nappy bag but will still look great long after all nappies have been disposed of and babies have turned into toddlers and even school children.

In fact, all Poppy Lou bags have been purposely designed to stand alone as funky fashion accessories and work well as carry bags for picnics, shopping sprees and many other occasions. The Slouch bag has its own attachable shoulder strap to fit over prams and shopping trolleys, caramel and black plaid patterned check handle and a unique fold-over, button-down side to create a difference. It is lined in grey denim-like material holding five internal pockets, two zippered and two designed as wallet and phone holders. Great size to fit all your needs.

Height: 53cm
Depth: 48cm
Width: 53cm
Weight 1.2kg

Features :
•    Leather trimming
•    Heavy duty handles
•    Heavy duty zips
•    4  internal pockets including wallet and phone pocket
•    Big and roomy

Also known as:
•    UK  - Change bag  
•    USA  - Diaper bag
•    Australia - Nappy bag or baby bag



Poppy Lou Washing Instructions:
Gentle hand wash only
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not tumble dry
Please treat all your Poppy Lou products with tender love and care

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